Moving and handling

Moving and Handling 

The 'Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992' has as its key objective accident prevention. However in experience has taught that safe and effective managment when moving people. particularly in and out of wheelchairs also contributes to:

  • enhanced postural positioning of the wheelchair user in the wheelchair which leads to improved function and prevention of postural deformity development and skin breakdown.

Wheel of Health's particular area of expertise in this field is the selection and appropriate application of slings and hoists for use in transferring disabled people in and out of wheelchairs. static seating, bed, commodes etc.

There is a wide and ever increasing range of commercially available slings and hoists making it difficult to select the correct equipement for the required task.

A evaluation process would include:

  • Detailed assessment of need of the disabled person being tranfered including physical presentation, behavioural issues, evidence spasticity and/or altered tone such that it may affect the transfer process
  • An evaluation of all tranfers carried out
  • Evalaluation of the needs of the care givers who may be carrying out the process
  • Environmental evaluation
  • Maintenance considerations
  • Review of needs