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There are around 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK, roughly 2 percent of the UK population (Source: NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency, 2000. NHS Improving Services for Wheelchair Users and Carers: Good Practice Guide).

How many of those wheelchair users are independent, can confidently push down to the local shops or to see friends, negotiating curbs and pot holes, and open doors on their own? I’ve found that people who need to use wheelchairs often get given very little instruction on how to use the chair, or are shown basic techniques by an able-bodied person such as a physio or OT. I strongly believe that the best way to learn how to use a wheelchair is directly from someone who uses a wheelchair themselves on a daily basis.

Stuart Wheeler | Founder Freedom Wheelchair Skills

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The aim of Freedom Wheelchair Skills training is to help people become more confident in using a wheelchair, become less dependent on others and to show people how to overcome everyday environmental challenges.

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