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LC Seating

About Us

We are one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of rehabilitation and seating products. While competing against larger competitors with greater resources the company has developed a solid niche through technical expertise and flexibility in meeting patient’s needs. In 2013 LC Seating has registered with the Irish Medicines Board and has achieved ISO 9001 registration. In addition, due to the company’s extensive knowledge and contacts throughout the supply chain the company acts as an effective distributer of primary manufactured goods to a range of customers throughout NI, GB, Portugal and Italy.

What we do?

LC Seating are one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of rehabilitation and seating products. Established in March 2008, We operate throughout Ireland, primarily dealing with occupational therapy / seating clinics in providing engineered solutions for a variety of complex seating needs.

Our seating systems?

The company specialises in the provision of all types of custom made mobility seating, including:

  • Carved foam
  • Moulded seating
  • Moulded toilet/shower seats
  • Matrix
  • Hybrid
  • Modular

Our sleeping systems?

The company also specialises in sleep systems for clients with complex sleeping support requirements. Working closely with the clinic / carer and patient, a bespoke solution is created and designed, using the best quality products, sourced from around the world– resulting in the optimum seating for the patient. The business has grown quickly and is now a major player in the Irish market with an estimated 30% market share in moulded seating.

Unit 1, Grange Business Park, Grange, Co. Sligo.
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