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Gordon Mcquilton MBE Founder and Managing Director at Specialised Orthotic Services

Gordon Mcquilton MBE Founder and Managing Director at Specialised Orthotic Services

Specialised Orthotic Services Ltd was the first dedicated Special Seating Company in the UK, established in 1980 by its founder and MD, Gordon McQuilton MBE.

This followed on from his work on the development of the ‘Derby Moulded Seat whilst at the Orthotic and Disabilities Research Centre at Derby Royal Infirmary hospital.

His vast experience and expertise working within the NHS provided a greater understanding of the day to day issues which effect healthcare professionals and their clients.

We know that the NHS is striving to improve its services in a financially challenging time. So, we continuously improve our products and services through innovative design and listening to users and professional’s feedback and the latest thinking and research. Our research and development process allows us to be continually innovative in developing new products and services for this specialised area of healthcare.

Working daily to assist fellow healthcare professionals in the Special Seating field gives SOS an opportunity to provide solutions for a range of complex clinical needs which help improve the health of our users as well as their well-being.

By constantly building on our many years of expertise SOS is able to continue developing our products and services to provide a professional effective service for clients with complex postural needs.


Manufactured entirely in the UK to the highest standards

SOS is an accredited member of the BHTA. Quality Assurance to ISO 9001 and Environmental Assurance ISO 14001, ACS RegistrarsSOS is truly a British manufacturing company manufacturing all our products at our base in Staffordshire.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of standard and customised seating solutions so we have a comprehensive range of products and services to meet a vast range of requirements.

The whole manufacturing process is carried out at our manufacturing unit in the UK by our own trained staff, on-site, which gives us unrivalled scope to make products as individual as the clients themselves.



Our passion is to provide an effective and caring service. We are proud of the excellent reputation we have achieved over the past 30 + years.

We could not have designed the service we offer without working and listening to advice and guidance from healthcare professionals.

They have told us their challenges as well as those of their clients. This way of working has ensured we provide an excellent and accurate service. Our mobile service makes everything simple. We come to you, offering an individual appointment and regular clinics in your area. We aim to not only fulfill your needs but also your highest expectations.

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