V-Trak Equipment Supplier


About Us

The new Board is united in its aim to continue the Company’s philosophy of bringing the best products to market to enable and support its customers. Products designed to the highest standards, utilising the considerable expertise of the team behind it, and responding to the needs of the market.

Our Mission

We are designers & manufacturers of innovative seating and positioning equipment for the disabled and infirm, especially wheelchair users. Driven by a core principle of Productive Empathy, its collective and holistic approach to research, design and manufacture results in products which maximise comfort, function and long term health.

Our seating systems?

The company specialises in the provision of all types of custom made mobility seating, including:

  • Carved foam
  • Moulded seating
  • Moulded toilet/shower seats
  • Matrix
  • Hybrid
  • Modular

Our sleeping systems?

The company also specialises in sleep systems for clients with complex sleeping support requirements. Working closely with the clinic / carer and patient, a bespoke solution is created and designed, using the best quality products, sourced from around the world– resulting in the optimum seating for the patient. The business has grown quickly and is now a major player in the Irish market with an estimated 30% market share in moulded seating.

UK (Headquarters)
V-Trak ltd,
Unit 17 Kent Road,
Bridgend Industrial Estate,
Wales, UKCF31 3TU
+44 (0) 1443 236 530